The Best iPad App

The iPad is capitalising on the enormous popularity of its diminutive predecessor whether by accident or design. Apps on the iPhone were one of its strongest selling features so it is easy to wonder what the best iPad app will be. Will the market for apps remain the same as it was before or will the market take this new technology and make new leaps in imagination and creativity?

The larger screen has got to count for something in the ipad trade in value app development world. Complaints of cramped controls spoiled the reviews of many games. Productivity and documentation apps suffered from the lost time spent grasping at the screen to zoom in and out while peering like a demented madman at 0.00001 size fonts.

The Amazon’s Kindle looks like a strong opening contender for the best iPad App and the physical and electronic headlines of the world seem to agree. The app works well is appearing on many platforms and to be honest anything that gets the world reading again must be a good thing,

Many people will still be rooting for games and hot favourites like “Nazi Zombies” or perhaps even full installations of Call of Duty may be possible. Countless hours of work and social life have been lost to the gangster type multiplayer games that have been cloned time and time again on the iPhone. Built with very little “game play” in mind will their lack of depth suffer as the device they run on grows?

Don’t rule out some of the more interesting utilities like virtual desktop applications giving you control of your desktop while away from home. Even if you were worried about any of the proposed shortcomings of the iPad, you could make up for them with the power of your home computer. Hit a flash heavy site while browsing? No problem, just load the right app and run a browser at home.

The fight for the kudos of being the best iPhone app is still not over and we are billions of downloads down the line so the fight to be the best iPad app could just as eternal.


The Best iPad App
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