Glass Worktops – Common Assumptions And Misunderstandings

One of the things which has struck me currently is the wide variety of assumptions made via some human beings about glass worktops. A pal of mine is having his kitchen absolutely redecorated, and had ripped out everything, proceeding on beginning from scratch. It’s often the quality way of renovating a kitchen, otherwise you locate it is a touch like replacing the laces on your footwear when absolutely the shoes wanted replacing  rose gold glass frames absolutely – you’re by no means going to feel absolutely happy with the result.

I passed off to invite what form of worktops he was looking at, and he suggested that for cost he would possibly nicely pass for wooden center with a veneer end, despite the fact that if his price range ought to stretch to it he’d be interested by quartz or granite worktops. I suggested the concept of glass worktops, and at the start he didn’t assume I turned into severe. He then came out with the first assumption which some human beings tend to make.

“Glass worktops? Are they going to be certainly fragile? I have a tendency to be pretty tough within the kitchen, with sharp knives, heavy pans, hot plates and such like. I’d chip or crack a tumbler worktop in 5 minutes!” I then mentioned to him that every unmarried day he drove at speeds of as much as 70 miles an hour together with his face simply inches from a alternatively big sheet of glass that became several instances thinner than the glass utilized in glass worktops for kitchens. He appeared blankly at me for a moment, after which stated, “Yes, well, but it’s special – that is special glass.”

The fact that cup worktops are made from an incredibly tough shape of glass sincerely approach that an issue which includes this is inherently mistaken, and so I mentioned to him again that maximum professional cooks and chefs use glass reducing forums and glass meals coaching forums, all of that are again a bargain thinner than a tumbler worktop. Again, he regarded blank, but I ought to see he became coming spherical. At which point another thought occurred to him, and he commented with entire truth that he’d were given me stumped, “Yes, all right, glass worktops may be hard, but glass is transparent – I don’t actually need the complete contents of my drawers and cabinets seen via the paintings surface!”

Granted, glass may be obvious, but the glass worktops available for kitchens usually have a coloured backing constant to them. This way that the glass can nonetheless be colourless, but with the aid of applying an less expensive coloured backing material the glass immediately becomes packed with shade, as well as now not permitting visitors and visitors to check out the contents of your cutlery drawer without having to open it.

Clearly searching notably extra satisfied than he had started out being, my buddy concept a bit longer about this, and then asked me, “But how do I healthy it? I imply, every kitchen is one-of-a-kind in length and form, and my kitchen’s were given those silly pipes in the corner and that ludicrously placed electric powered socket. I’d have to start reducing into the glass worktop, and I’d nearly definitely wreck it or make a actual mess of it.”

I defined to him that most businesses which deliver glass worktops and glass splashbacks for kitchens manufacture them to fit, and so that they can be furnished with any holes, gaps or grooves already reduce, so that the worktop or splashback will healthy without difficulty, snugly and exactly, for a very expert and really stylish appearance. Once I pointed out to him that glass worktops and glass splashbacks have no joins or seams, and are consequently extremely hygienic and smooth to hold clean, in contrast to wood veneers, tiles and porous substances which includes granite, he was nearly convinced. Only one question became left.

Glass Worktops – Common Assumptions And Misunderstandings
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